Monate Chocolate

Monate Chocolate is a bean-to bar artisan chocolate maker.

Monate: Maw-nah-tee ~ is delicious [in Sotho].

Monate Chocolate Jozi Bar
*NEW* Jozi Bar 60g ~ 69% Tanzanian cocoa & coconut blossom sugar.

If you thought Willy Wonka was the only wacky chocolate maker, well here’s another one, welcome to Monate Chocolate!

Tucked away in a little jungle in Jozi is the Monate Chocolate, secret chocolate factory.

Here we hand make Monate Chocolate from organic ingredients. The main ingredient being the beautiful cocoa/cacao beans.

Monate Chocolate ingredients are ethically and organic sourced. The chocolate is made with our original recipes from scratch. Crafted in micro batches for ultimate chocolate experiences.

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