Monate Chocolate

Bean-to-bar artisan chocolate maker in Jozi 

Monate Chocolate is luxurious and exclusively hand-crafted organic, fine, dark chocolate crafted with single-origin cocoa beans. 

Monate Chocolate is hand made from bean-to-bar with organic, ethically sourced ingredients. The main ingredient being the beautiful cocoa beans.

Monate Chocolate is made with love, original recipes, from scratch & crafted in micro-batches for ultimate chocolate experiences and the sustainability of our planet. Yes!

Join our mission to save the world with silliness & chocolate.

Monate Chocolate Jozi Bar, artisan bean-to-bar organic vegan dark sugar-free chocolate
*NEW* Jozi Bar 60g ~ 69% Tanzanian cocoa & coconut blossom sugar.

If you thought Willy Wonka was the only wacky chocolate maker, well here’s another one. Welcome to Monate Chocolate! Tucked away in a little jungle in Jozi, Johannesburg, city of gold is the Monate Chocolate secret chocolate factory. Run by founder, chocolate artist & chief chocolate cooksister Lara Sklaar & her dedicated team [making chocolate since 2010].

Monate pronounced ~ Maw-Nah-Tee ~  is delicious [in Sotho] & proudly South African.

WARNING: Monate Chocolate uses only the finest ethically produced organic ingredients to craft delicious dark chocolate, with all the incredible health benefits of raw cocoa, the most powerful superfood on the planet. Naturally full of flavanols, antioxidants, good fats, essential minerals, like magnesium, all the bliss chemicals, love & the essential component of deliciousness. Yum!

Monate Chocolate is ethical in every way from the farm through the chocolate factory to your mouth. Cunningly absent of sugar, dairy, additives & other nasties. Suitable for all humans including those who avoid sugar, dairy, soy, additives & preservatives & GMO’s.
Monate Chocolate is available at selected retailers and directly from Monate Chocolate.

Join our mission to save the world with silliness & chocolate!

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