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About us

Monate Chocolate is proudly handcrafted in our chocolate factory Lab in illovo Johannesburg South Africa

Our chocolate collections are for those with a hankering for fine chocolate. For the chocoholics out there and those with a sophisticated palette your in for a real treat & those who are looking for a bit of chocolate fun & something to tantalize their taste buds you are in the right place.

Our story

We are inspired by CACA0

Monate Chocolate is run by founder, chocolate artist & chief chocolate cook-sister Lara Sklaar & her dedicated chocolate team.

Making chocolate in our chocolate factory lab  since 2010. Monate Chocolate was established in 2014.

We are a wacky bunch of chocolate makers but we are serious about our chocolate. The fine art & design of chocolate making  & the bean to bar chocolate making process. Making the best chocolate possible ethically, sustainably, with the best possible ingredients. This is what we love to do.


We have really special chocolate for you. Our chocolate is based on plants & our humble beginnings are thanks to the raw food movement. The raw food movement is vegan & plant-based, it celebrates vitality, living at one with nature & the earth . We make chocolate as a celebration of our joy, our senses, our taste buds & the planet.

What makes monate chocolate
so delicious

Monate Chocolate is a dedicated chocolate maker & chocolatier making fine chocolate in micro batches in our bustling chocolate factory lab. We are dedicated to pure chocolate, cacao & your ultimate chocolate experience. Bean-to-bar chocolate.  Raw chocolate. Pure chocolate. Dark chocolate.

believe it because it is true.

Monate Chocolate chocolate is both people and planet friendly, ethically sourced and delicious. Boost those antioxidants and bliss chemicals with a Monate Chocolate or

We hand craft our chocolate with love in micro batches.  


chocolate maker
Dark chocolate stack, chips and powder


Sugar Free

Monate cocoa


Chocolate bars isolated on a white background

Bean to bar


Bean to bar
plant based
sugar free
dairy free
gluten free
conscious ingredients & chocolate techniques monate Delicious!

Monate Cocoa Powder love bonbons

Maw~Nah~Tee: Delicious:

South African Sotho word


highly pleasing to the senses, especially to taste or smell:a delicious taste; a delicious aroma.
very pleasing; delightful: a delicious chocolate.
very pleasing; delightful: a delicious chocolate.



You will have a delicious experience a great feeling like you are in love and have lots of energy. 

The story of chocolate travels with the senses across continents & Cultures. This allows for words originated from one language translated into another to be quite similar like cocoa and cacao which are used to make chocolate.

Cacao is the highest superfood! This means it is very high in antioxidants and minerals.

Cacao is the highest superfood! This means it is very high in antioxidants and minerals.

For chocolate to survive on the planet it is very important that we look after it carefully.  The way it is farmed plays a primary role in this. 

Watch the sugar, this is what will negatively affect  energy, mood and memory. It’s not that chocolate was ever bad for us it was always just the sugar and additives that makes the chocolate bad for us. We prefer the guilt-free option.

Monate Chocolate is made in our chocolate factory lab. Come see for yourself! Book a visit or a chocolate experience for you and your friends or colleagues now!

experience chocolate

 Make your party deliciously unforgettable.

Monate Chocolate Delivery & Shipping

postnet to postnet

Collect from any Postnet around South Africa.

Local pickup Illovo

You are welcome to collect from us in Illovo, Jozi, Gau, ZA by arrangement.

Delivery time is between usually 1 to 7 days. 

Please let us know if you need it immediately or you would like it delivered on a special day.

All your chocolate is delivered in insulated material to keep your chocolate insulated from heat so it arrives beautifully.