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Salty Almond 70%


Salty Almond Bar
70% Tanzanian cocoa
Bean-to-Bar, artisan, organic, dark chocolate bar with almond & sea salt.
Sweetened with coconut blossom sugar.
Artisanally crafted by hand, in micro-batches, from scratch, with ethically sourced, organic, single-origin Tanzanian cocoa beans and organic coconut blossom sugar for the ultimate chocolate experience.
Inspired by nuts and chocolate crunch.
Fine chocolate made with a handful of organic ingredients!

Delectable rich mellow caramel & nutty notes. Made with 70% organic raw cocoa beans, lightly roasted & sweetened with coconut blossom sugar.

60 g


Cacao content: 70%  single origin (single plantation)  Tanzanian cocoa.

Ingredients: cocoa beans* cocoa butter* coconut blossom sugar*

Made with 70% organic raw cocoa beans,  sweetened with coconut blossom sugar & sprinkled with sea salty almonds.

This chocolate is both people and planet friendly, ethically sourced and scrumptious.