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Bonbon Mini Bar


Beautiful bonbon goodness in a chocolate bar.
Monate Chocolate has made dreams a reality with this creation. Also known as a ‘triple-decker’ or ‘chocolate chocolate chocolate sandwich’ this decadent treat has a soft centre boasting 70% dark chocolate for the two outer layers 83% dark chocolate comprised of the high quality, ethically sourced, organic cacao.
All of this goodness is sugar-free, as it has been sweetened with Birch xylitol therefore suitable for diabetics as well as vegans, as there are no animal or dairy products in this chocolate. Just pure natural, ethical, raw ingredients and lots of love.

20 g


Cacao content: 70%  single origin, Tanzanian cacao. 

Ingredients: cacao beans** raw cacao butter** coconut oil* Birch xylitol syrup** Himalayan sea salt, 100% raw love…







**Certified organic ingredients

*Free of refined sugar – sweetened with organic xylitol

*Artisanal, handcrafted dark chocolate.