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Chilli Bonbon


Monate Chocolate Chilli Bonbon Truffles have a luxurious creamy soft centre enrobed in 83% dark chocolate. These angelic morsels are a little naughty, soft and sweet, with a spicy surprise hidden inside.
They’re made from pure, ethical and organic raw single origin cacao, so they’re actually healthy for humans and the earth too.
They’re sweetened with blue agave nectar as a low GI option in a guilt-free but a decadent treat.
Enjoy our Chilli Bonbons to share some spicy chocolate soul with a fellow earth angel.

Cacao content: 83% dark chocolate shell hand-dipped to enrobe the 70% soft ganache-like chocolate centre.

Made with organic, raw, single-origin Tanzanian cocoa. Ethically sourced chocolate that’s good for you and the environment.

Chilli Bonbon Ingredients: raw cacao paste, raw cacao butter, virgin cold pressed coconut oil, blue agave nectar, in-house dehydrated birds eye chilli powder, Himalayan sea salt.