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Jozi Bar


Monate Chocolate is thrilled to presents the Jozi Bar
69% single origin Peru cacao
Artisan, dark chocolate
Made from RAW CACAO

The Jozi Bar is inspired by Jozi & the bustling city of gold she is.

Monate Chocolate makers of fine chocolate, craft a range of chocolate that is sustainably, ethically & artisinally sourced & crafted in micro-batches. Made by hand, in micro-batches, with our own recipes and a sprinkle of cacao magic.

The Monate Chocolate Jozi Bar is a 69% cacao content as a take on the health industry standard recommendation to eat dark chocolate with a higher cacao content than 70% cacao or more, we believe all the chocolate we make is good for you, even if its 69% or less. On a more serious note the Jozi Bar is a seriously moreish dark chocolate bar with a bit of sweet coconut blossom sugar to enhance some extra chocolate sense and for the ultimate chocolate experience that fits in perfectly with a healthy lifestyle.

Made with ethically sourced, single-origin cocoa beans, nibs, coconut blossom sugar & cocoa butter.

Notes: creamy, fruity notes with hints of rich caramel and wine.

Join the mission to save the world with silliness & chocolate.
– Plant based
– Dark Chocolate
– Raw cacao
– Dairy-Free
– Gluten-free
– GMO-free
– Free of refined sugar, sweetened with coconut blossom sugar
– Plastic free, biodegradable packaging

Cocoa content: 69% single origin Peru cacao
Ingredients: raw & roasted cocoa nibs, cocoa butter, coconut sugar. 100% love.
The Jozi Bar is delectable fine chocolate made with only 3 organic ingredients!